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Dr.Adams housing universe

Everyone has their own individual attitude towards how to style their home. That is why we have collected a number of different things that can help make your interior design stand out from the standard. It can be straight from the super soft and delicious rugs from Tekla, which will decorate in any living room or bedroom. You may also be tired of ugly power distributors and therefore will be super happy with the practical and stylish power plugs from Avolt which are magnetic and come in several beautiful colors. Art for the walls is always a sure winner, and with a graphic poster with a good quote, you never go completely wrong. Or the elegant gift boxes / jewelry boxes from Sophie Bille Brahe, which in their beautiful colors and velour finish are almost a work of art in themselves.

Coffee table books

A beautiful and stylish decor does not have to be defined by vases and candlesticks. The beautifully bound art books from New Mags are a great alternative to the classic home decor and are truly books for decoration. In addition to their beautiful exteriors, they also deal with exciting topics, such as various stories about designers and brands, but also more controversial topics such as body positivity and tattoos. If you are more into self-help books, you can also get a guide to rhythm, tone and style in the streets of Paris, as well as a cookbook that can help you eat yourself healthy.